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    A Suggested Development Roadmap


    • The first thing to do do would be to write new parsing a generation librarys. These shoudl be in C because Perl just doens't seem to be fast enough. These would then be wrapped in XS.
    • Then the object structure would be created. This would be much simpler than my current one - there would be just 5 classes apart from the Flash::Object container class :- shape, text, font (actually a collection of shapes), image and sound. Possibly colour as well.
    • A lot of effort shoudl be put in to being able to combine SWFs from different sources so that thing can be drawn in the Flash authoring kit and then munged as objects.
    • Similarly effort should be put in to replicating the functionality of Macromedia Generator and also to producing an output filter that would generate Perl code that could generate the SWF from scratch.


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