Textfield Specifications

(Unofficial specs by Olivier Debon)
Version 0.2 - August,8,1999
1999-8-9: Tagid is 37 not 35.
1999-8-8: Creation.
This page aims at describing the TextField tag added in Flash 4 format. These specifications are unofficial and are based on a personal work. Parts of this document are assumptions.


Definitions of RECORDHEADER, RECT, RGBA and STRING are in official Macromedia flash specs.
Field Type Comment
TextfieldId UI16 ID for this character
TextfieldBounds RECT Bounds of the text field
TextfieldFlags UI16 bit0 = 1
bit1 = hasLength
bit2 = 1
bit3 = DisableEditing
bit4 = Password
bit5 = Multiline
bit6 = Word wrap
bit7 = 1
bit8 = 0
bit9 = 0
bit10 = 0
bit11 = DrawBox
bit12 = DisableSelection
bit13 = 1
bit14 = 0
bit15 = 0
see Comments
FontId UI16 Font to use
FontHeight UI16 Font height in Twips
TextColor RGBA Text color and Alpha
Length Constraint if hasLength UI16 Maximum number of characters
Alignment UI8 00 = Left
01 = Right
02 = Center
03 = Justify
LeftMargin UI16 Left margin in Twips
RightMargin UI16 Right margin in Twips
Indent UI16 Indentation of first line in Twips
LineSpace UI16 Space between lines in Twips
Variable STRING Variable name
Initial Text STRING Initial text when placed.

The effect of the 0 bits if set to 1 is unknown.
The bits that are set to 1 must have the meaning "hasSomething" but they are always set to 1 when Flash 4 generates the movies. So size optimization is still possible.

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