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From: Simon Wistow
Subject: [london.food] Barbequed stuff
Date: 15:25 on 04 Jul 2006
I'll admit that this post is a test of moving over to a new server as 
much as a recipe post. 

I've been to quite a few barbeques over the last few weeks and have 
started accumulating a staple of stuff to do on them. Partly inspired by 
the awesome fish mongers I've got near me (like Steve Hatt on Essex 
Road). They're all pretty easy.

I've done Sea Bass (head on, gutted and sclaed by the fish 
monger) two ways. Both times I put diagonal slashes down each side of 
the fish. The first time I  just rubbed flaky sea salt in the slashes 
and in the body cavity and the second time I rubbed a marinade of olive 
oil, crushed garlic, lemon, salt and pepper all over inside and out. 
Both were good.

Mackerel (large and small different times) I did head on again, no 
slashes but stuffed with (fresh) rosemary leaves which I'd covered with 
olive oil and then lightly pounded to get the flavours going.

Large prawns (i've found head off prawns seem to work better, both 
cooked and raw) I've done in a marinade of lime, chilli, garlic and 
coriander, both with coconut milk or  just olive oil. They're good with 
just garlic and oil too.

I've found that lamb chops seem to be much more forgiving than pork 
chops or even steaks. I've done them marinaded (for as long as possible) 
in the rosemary/oil stuff and also rubbed with cumin and olive oil.

Chicken breasts I've down cut into strips and marinaded in red wine 
vinegar, whole grain mustard and beer then threaded onto sticks. A few 
years back I cut the breasts into strips, put them in  a tupperware box 
and then poured Jack Daniels and a little cola over them and froze them 
till needed. The freezing breaks the the cell walls and the jack and 
coke gets in really deeply and caramelises really well when cooked. 
Since they're so thin they're still really juicy which is the main worry 
with frozen chicken.

I quite fancy doing squid sometime soon - m,aybe marinaded for a long 
time in garlic, olive oil and some white wine (maybe champagne?) 

Also, if I can find banana leaves anywhere I fancy marinading tuna 
steaks in coconut milk and sambal oelek (the indonesian spicy paste) and 
then wrapping them in the leaves. Tin foil would probably work just as 
well but it's not as attractive. Crocodile would work this way as well. 

fingers crossed that this works,



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