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From: Simon Wistow
Subject: [london.food] Chicken Bits
Date: 10:41 on 11 Jul 2006
More as a more permanent reference to myself for the future than any 
amazing recipe-esque revelations.

Last night, apropos of nothing and attempting to avoid sloping off down 
the pub (again) I decided to do chicken bits in a couple of different 
marinades to see what they were like.

I got about a kilo of Chicken breasts from Sainsburys and cut them into 
little finger sized slivers, divided into 3 and then marinaded in 
light covering of creme fraiche and ...

1) Mrs Bassa's Biryani Paste [1]
2) Mild Tikka curry powder and a squeeze of lemon
3) Paprika, Smoked Parika and Honey 

Then I arranged them on baking trays and stuck them in a 200 degree c 

The first problem was, I think, that my oven is a bit crap and the 
chicken breasts weren't of great quality so there was quite a lot of 
liquid run off which prevented me from getting the tandoor-esque 
roasting effect that I wanted. Perhaps getting better quality meat and 
turning the oven up higher might have helped.

I ended up finishing all three off in a wok (seperately) for a minute or
so to get the 'proper' Maillard reaction that i wanted (at this point I
added a bit more creme fraiche to the tikka and a bit more honey to the

I had some of all three with a mixed slad and they were nice but I was 
quite tired at this point so the effect was diminished. 

I've made some sandwiches today in a baguette so I shall update when I 
have them. The sit over night in the fridge seems to have really 
intensified the flavour.


[1] Mrs Bassa's awesomeness is here http://www.mbik.co.uk/ - the Brinjal 
    pickle is unbelievably tasty

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