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From: Simon Wistow
Subject: Re: [] Chicken Bits
Date: 17:41 on 11 Jul 2006
On Tue, Jul 11, 2006 at 10:41:15AM +0100, me said:
> I've made some sandwiches today in a baguette so I shall update when I 
> have them. The sit over night in the fridge seems to have really 
> intensified the flavour.

The verdict - muy tasty.

I made two -

Baguette with mayonnaise, mixed leaf salad, a drizzle of balsamic 
dressing, a little dijon mustard and the paprika chicken which had 
retained the smokiness of the, err, smoked paprika and the sweetness of 
the honey.

Baguette with home made raitta, salad, some lemon dressing and the 
biryani chicken.

I've alternated between craving each of them this afternoon but the 
biryani was marginally more, hmmm, sophisticated. Yet the sweetness of 
the other one was .... no. Must. stop. craving.

Fortunately there's still some left when I get home :)

On that note, Hellmans are running a sandwich competition at the moment

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