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From: James Bywater
Subject: Re: [] Fish
Date: 09:45 on 14 Jul 2006
Normally on a Friday some of us from the office go down to Borough  
Market where there is a little shop called Applebee Fish or something  
like that. There's also a larger fish stall in the market which is  
good but tends to have a lot of pre-prepared fish. I prefer it if  
they fillet (or whatever) the fish after I've chosen it.

Those fish seem to be a lot fresher than at other fish markets (e.g.  
the one in Leadenhall Market). They always have a good selection of  
different types of fish too.


On 14 Jul 2006, at 0808, salvo wrote:

> Since moving back to London I'm having real trouble getting good,  
> fresh fish. There's always flabby trout and sea bass at  
> supermarkets but the quality is sub-standard.
> Anyone know any proper fishmonger near Clerkenwell/Farringdon area  
> which is where I work. I've got plenty of great meat at Smithfields  
> but no fish.
> Or as a last resort has anyone tried the online fish sellers? Any  
> that are good and not extorionate? I'd rather not pay 10 for snapper.
> Cheers
> Salvo

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