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From: Kake L Pugh
Subject: Re: [] Foie gras
Date: 09:57 on 14 Jul 2006
On Fri 14 Jul 2006, Rev Simon Rumble <> wrote:
> Yeah raw liver is unlikely.

Yes, sorry; should have been more specific.  It's not raw, and it's in
a jar.

> Best thing to do with it is as little as possible.  Serve on lightly
> toasted, neutral-flavoured white bread.  Take particular note of the
> velvetty texture and the complex way the fattiness melts in the
> mouth.

This is roughly what the instructions on the jar say to do.  I'm not
sure I'm going to like it, really.  I mean, I will try it like that,
definitely, and I _might_ like it, but it doesn't entirely sound like
my kind of thing, and I don't think me and Bob can finish the jar
between us like that.  I was sort of wondering if there's anything I
can do with the rest of the jar once I've decided I've had enough
grease on toast.  Does it ever get used in things other than pate?


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