[london.food] Dead Tastebuds

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From: David Turner
Subject: [london.food] Dead Tastebuds
Date: 04:43 on 16 Jul 2006
Next week I will be flying back home to England, if meet the weight
restrictions, from America.  Sadly, in the past six weeks I have undertaking
a battle against exceedingly rich and flavor [sic] enhanced food and I think
that my tastebuds have died.

What good naturally flavoursome and seasonal food would people recommend I
retrain myself with?

For starters, I'm looking forward to some vine ripened tomatoes served with
a sprinkling of coarse-ground sea-salt.

What other unmodified foods should we all be savouring?

David Turner <david@xxxxxxx.xxx>
Tel: +44 20 7193 3255

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