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From: David Turner
Subject: RE: [] Dead Tastebuds
Date: 01:48 on 22 Jul 2006
Excellent!  I've never been a fan of broad beans but perhaps this is a good
opportunity to give them another shot.  Plenty of cooking is to follow over
the next few days I hope.

On another note, in San Francisco it seemed that every restaurant was
selling clam chowder in a sourdough bread loaf.  Does anyone have a good
recipe for bread that can hold soup or chili?  Does it absolutely have to be

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From: Kake L Pugh [mailto:kake@xxxxx.xx] 
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On Sun 16 Jul 2006, David Turner <> wrote:
> What good naturally flavoursome and seasonal food would people recommend I
> retrain myself with?

Broad beans are still about.  I made a rather nice broad bean puree
the other week:

I also recently put them with some ham, and it was good.  Details and photo:

Also also, courgettes!  I took courgette gratin to Greg and Ron's place
yesterday and people seemed to like it:

Oh, and beetroot.  Bake them in foil, then peel them and either just
eat them or put them in stuff.  I have my eye on a recipe, from our
tame hippies, for beetroot with carrot:

Pureeing and re-baking them is good too:
(I used Danish Blue in that, and left out the egg.)

I used this week's beetroots up in a very purple thing that I also took
along yesterday:
(Left out the lemon juice and mint because I forgot to instruct the market
minion appropriately.)

Incidentally, Greg, this is your reminder to pass list details on to Ron.


There's stuff above here

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