Re: [] Butterflied honey and lemoned leg of pork

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From: Tom Sulston
Subject: Re: [] Butterflied honey and lemoned leg of pork
Date: 19:13 on 24 Jul 2006
On Jul 24, 2006, at 18:21, Martin Frost wrote:

>> 3) The crackling didn't crackle, even after removing and sticking  
>> in a    hot oven on its own. I'm not sure why.
> If you're using an electric oven it might not have heated up as  
> quickly as you expected, so even if you gave the skin 10-20 minutes  
> not much of that may have been at a sufficient temperature. You can  
> always use a grill to produce a really fierce intense heat to  
> crackle the skin after you remove it.

I usually take the skin off when the meat comes out of the oven, salt  
it heavily on both sides and give it 5-10 mins at an insane heat,  
while the meat is resting.   Plus, if you want to do really swish^W  
pretentious things, like cut it into portion-sized squares, it's  
easier to do when it's half-done.


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