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From: Kake L Pugh
Subject: Re: [] Fishy Advice
Date: 16:59 on 24 Jul 2006
On Mon 24 Jul 2006, Billy Abbott <> wrote:
> Does anyone have any nice things to do with some haddock fillets that 
> would be different and interesting?

Fish vindaye is good; but you need to make it a day in advance:
It's very refreshing.  Don't overdo the flour when you're frying it.

> Also, greek yoghurt goes well with rum soaked rains.

At Greg and Ron's place the other weekend, Greg invited us to invent
cocktails.  I invented one that went like so: put raisins, chopped
plums, and simple sugar syrup in a blender and whizz it all up.  Then
push it all through a sieve and throw the pulp/skins away.  Put in a
jug with rum and lots of ice.  It was pretty good except for going
sludgy at the bottom of the jug.  Ron had suggested straining it
through muslin but I thought it would be too difficult to get all the
raisin flavour out like that - she was probably more right than me
though.  I think we could have got the best of both worlds by soaking
the raisins in some hot water for a while before starting, and putting
the soaking water in as well, and then using the muslin in the straining.


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