[london.food] Butterflied honey and lemoned leg of pork

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From: Simon Wistow
Subject: [london.food] Butterflied honey and lemoned leg of pork
Date: 11:06 on 24 Jul 2006
I did a sunday lunch yesterday and it wasn't really the weather for a 
full on roast. 

I butterflied the pork leg (badly I might add) partly for a lighter cut 
and ease of carving but also because I was short on time. I poked holes 
in it and then rubbed both sides with a marinade of runny honey, lemon 
juice and lemon zest. 

It cooked really quickly - about 20-30 minutes. Much more quickly than I 

It tasted lovely although if I was to do it again I'd

1) marinade it for longer
2) check it sooner because, although it was moist, I think it could have 
   been even moister if I had cuaght it 5 minutes earlier
3) The crackling didn't crackle, even after removing and sticking in a 
   hot oven on its own. I'm not sure why.

To go with it I did couscous with peppers and spring onions through it, 
a salad of of rocket, watercress and (braeburn) apples with a cider 
vinegar dressing and thinly sliced courgettes fried in olive oil until 
slightly charred and then had a couple of spoonfuls of the meat jucie 
over them.

I also made a pseudo Tiramisu by taking a load of mini chcolate brownies 
hangin around, squashing them down in a dish so they covered the whole 
of the base, puring over slightly too much grand manier and then 
layering over marscapone mixed with some vanilla extract and icing sugar 
and dusting with cocoa powder. 

The whole thing was garnished with severla bottles of wine. 


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