Re: [] Butterflied honey and lemoned leg of pork

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From: Martin Frost
Subject: Re: [] Butterflied honey and lemoned leg of pork
Date: 18:21 on 24 Jul 2006
Simon Wistow wrote:

> 3) The crackling didn't crackle, even after removing and sticking in a 
>    hot oven on its own. I'm not sure why.

Was there marinade on the skin? If so it may have been too wet to 
crackle properly. Scoring the skin and salting liberally help too, 
though I think this is through helping to dry it out as much as anything.

If you're using an electric oven it might not have heated up as quickly 
as you expected, so even if you gave the skin 10-20 minutes not much of 
that may have been at a sufficient temperature. You can always use a 
grill to produce a really fierce intense heat to crackle the skin after 
you remove it.


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