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From: Martin Frost
Subject: Re: [] Fishy Advice
Date: 11:57 on 25 Jul 2006
Billy Abbott wrote:

> Does anyone have any nice things to do with some haddock fillets that 
> would be different and interesting?

Stick them in a shallow dish with lots of coarsely chopped onions, 
crushed garlic, chopped tomatoes (tinned works fine) and whatever herbs 
take your fancy, top with grated cheese and grill until fish is cooked.

Quick, simple and tasty. If you use fresh tomatoes you might need a 
little liquid and maybe some salt, but I normally use tinned which 
covers both these requirements. Don't pile it up or have too much liquid 
- you need a bit to steam the fish from underneath and stop the onions 
drying out, but too much will slow down the cooking so the cheese will 
be overdone.


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