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From: Simon Batistoni
Subject: Re: [] Chippies
Date: 19:14 on 11 Aug 2006
On 11/08/06 17:23 +0100, Billy Abbott wrote:
> I have a friend visiting from the US soon and in standard tourist mode he 
> asked me "Where's the best fish and chip shop in London". I have no idea, 
> and don't even know what would be considered a really good chippy.
> He's going to be staying in Angel, so does anyone have any suggestions 
> that I could pass on? And any thoughts on what makes a good chippy? I'm 
> not a fan of chips, so any chip shop that makes chips that I like is on my 
> list.

The Trawlerman on Upper Street is pretty good (and walkable from
Angel). Occasionally slightly over-greasy, but the portions are

And as a bonus, George is usually behind the counter (at least, he was
still there last December) and is an absolute treat. He's always
comically miserable, like some perenially put-upon Alan Bennett
character, but friendly with it.

Horrible, broken page, but:

I'd skip the Fish Shop on St John Street (just south of Angel) -
their schtick is "gourmet fish and chips" with prices to match. A
chippy with a wine list is not a real chippy.

Slightly further afield, I always had a soft spot for The Fryer's
Delight on Theobald's Road, a shortish bus ride (19 or 38) from Angel.

Their batter is great - crispier and lighter than most, and I'm not
sure what oil they use, but the food has a distinctive (but pleasant)
taste. Not everyone likes it, which leads to mixed reviews on that
thar intarweb.

Chips are usually crips rather than greasy. They serve a good mug of
tea, too, if you can get a table.

The one caveat is that they have a delightfully European habit of
shutting up shop for several weeks in the summer (usually the whole of
August, if I recall) and all sodding off on holiday. So if your friend
is here soon, the Fryer's Delight is out.

And goddamn, having typed that, do I ever miss Fish and
Chips. Americans appear to be utterly, genetically incapable of
producing even a passing resemblance to proper Fish'n'Chips. Roll on
my next (uncomfortable, liquid-free-luggaged) flight to London... :)

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