Re: [] Who's got a freezer?

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From: Stig Brautaset
Subject: Re: [] Who's got a freezer?
Date: 09:27 on 15 Aug 2006
On 14 Aug 2006, at 20:06, Michael Davies wrote:

> Just wondering how many of you have a deep freezer in your homes?
My parents used to have 2 big chest freezers and two tall fridges,  
but have now traded one of the chest freezers in for an upright one.  
The freezers used to be full of red- and blackcurrants, strawberries  
and raspberries from our garden; self-caught fish; lamb and pork from  
one of the local farms; and meat from local deer shot by my uncle.

Oh, here in London? I just have a 2m tall fridge/freezer combo thing...


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