Re: [] Who's got a freezer?

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From: Simon Wistow
Subject: Re: [] Who's got a freezer?
Date: 08:56 on 15 Aug 2006
On Mon, Aug 14, 2006 at 09:06:25PM +0200, Michael Davies said:
> Would appreciate a quick straw vote -- do you have a freezer, and if so,
> roughly how large is it?

My parents used to have a big chest freezer when I was growing up but I
have no idea how common that is. At the moment they, like me (in fact,
thinking avout it, like me ever since I moved away from home 11 years
ago), have one of those upright fridge/freezer combos.

It's mostly full at the moment - one drawer being given over entirely to 
booze-that-tastes-better-frozen and icecubes and the other three with 
miscellany - a half finished bag of oven chips, some bread for 
emergencies and, bizarrely enough, 8 horse steaks and a horse roast 
(don't ask).

Hmm, I should probably start freezing left overs.

Not sure if that's any help.


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