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From: WISTOW, Kay
Subject: Re: [] Who's got a freezer?
Date: 10:50 on 15 Aug 2006
	I used to have a huge chest freezer, but since boys have left home
now have an upright freezer (5 drawers).  Filled with raw prawns, meat from
farm shop .. chicken breasts, burgers 'cos it's summer, sausages of various
varieties, black pudding, sirloin steaks and ciabatta bread.  Also various
tupper ware containers with single portions of curry, spag bol and lasagne
for hubby when I'm out for the evening.  Oh yes also keep a big box of
cooked rice 'cos it is so convenient for fried rice.

	There are also a few things from M&S again for Martin when I'm out
... you might have guessed he is not a dab hand in the kitchen.


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		[] Who's got a freezer?


	From: michael.davies@xxxxxxx.xx
	Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2006 21:06:25 +0200
	Subject: [] Who's got a freezer?

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	Just wondering how many of you have a deep freezer in your homes? I
am working on a food business idea that could require the use of dedicated
freezer space in the home. My cousin has a deep freeze in Surbiton, but I'm
not sure how representative she is.
	Would appreciate a quick straw vote -- do you have a freezer, and if
so, roughly how large is it?
	Thanks in advance,
	Michael Davies <<TXT00000.htm>> 

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