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From: David Turner
Subject: RE: [] Chippies
Date: 01:19 on 16 Aug 2006
On a tip from a cabby, Seashell on Lisson Grove is very good indeed.  When
you go you'll find that it's the place with a flock of black cabs rammed
outside as any cabby in London, that finds himself in the area after
dropping off a fare, will be dining there.

I used to live very close by and sadly after I moved to Guildford a
Guildford cabby told me about it.  Shame, but I go there whenever I'm in the

Let alone a "London Chip Shop", I'd rate this up there with some of the best
in the country... and I haven't drunk the whole bottle of wine yet!

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> From: Billy Abbott []
> Sent: 11 August 2006 17:24
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> Subject: [] Chippies
> I have a friend visiting from the US soon and in standard tourist mode he
> asked me "Where's the best fish and chip shop in London". I have no idea,
> and don't even know what would be considered a really good chippy.
> He's going to be staying in Angel, so does anyone have any suggestions
> that I could pass on? And any thoughts on what makes a good chippy? I'm
> not a fan of chips, so any chip shop that makes chips that I like is on my
> list.
> My local from work is Alexander's on Christopher Street
> Really good chicken, big well cooked fish and if you takeaway it's not
> that badly priced (caveat: for the city - 5.50 for fish and chips 3.95 for
> chicken and chips). I went there for lunch today.
> --billy
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