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From: Joel Bernstein
Subject: [london.food] roast beef and stuff
Date: 15:22 on 18 Aug 2006
I bought a nice piece (about 750g) of rolled beef fillet yesterday. I'm
intending to use it for a roast. I'm looking for suggestions of things
to serve with it, especially something to roast with it.

I'm planning to serve it with "esparregado", a Portuguese spinach dish
made with chopped spinach, olive oil, garlic, vinegar and a bit of
cream... vaguely similar to creamed spinach but much more unctuous and

I have a bag of dried girolles (chanterelles) that I'm thinking could
make a really nice sauce/gravy. Was wondering about roasting potato
wedges with the skin on and some sea salt and garlic. What else would be
a nice accompaniment to this?

Ideas, suggestions, etc gratefully accepted.


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