[london.food] Pork Belly - a work in progress

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From: Simon Wistow
Subject: [london.food] Pork Belly - a work in progress
Date: 15:06 on 18 Aug 2006
About 45 minutes ago I stuck some pork belly in the oven (i'm currently 
working from home, of which more at a later date).

I sliced some heads of garlic in half, put them down as a base and 
placed the oiled and seasoned pork belly on top. I slung in some wine 
and covered with foil. 

The oven's on at 220c and I suspect it'll be in there for 2 hours total. 

It's been suggested that I should press it flat, chill it and then dice 
it into large squares and then frying it.

We'll see when it comes out.

Blurry camera phone pictures here 


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