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From: David Turner
Subject: [london.food] Last night, I ate frogs
Date: 09:41 on 18 Aug 2006
Simon previously made a brief mention of Champor Champor (
http://www.champor-champor.com ) on this list earlier in the year.  Last
night I gave it a try.

The restaurant itself was well decorated, and while the tables were a little
on the small side, they weren't crammed together and there was still plenty
of space.  Lots of attention to detail, right down to my name on the table!

We started off with two tasty canapé, the best of which was a large mussel
in a citrus and chili sauce.  The bread basket had a brown and a white bread
and tofu skin which I found strangely tasty!

The menu from here on includes a good choice of ingredients not often eaten
in London so we tackled this by ordering for each other, but then sharing

To start we had crispy eel and green curried frogs legs congee.  The eel was
battered, deep fried and very tasty.  The frogs legs were huge and
anatomically obvious, right down to the toes!  Tasty, but fiddly removing
the bones.

At this point I was full! But there was ostrich and monkfish still to come.

The ostrich was served medium rare on lemon grass skewers.  It was much more
tender than I was expecting for a lean meat and had a satisfyingly strong
taste.  The monkfish was cooked perfectly and the scallops were tender and
flavourful.  There was durian involved with the monkfish somehow but we
couldn't work out where it was -- or rather, nothing smelt like it had died
on the plate with the possible exception of the shrimp flakes in one of the
side dishes.

All of this washed down with a bottle of voignier and we didn't manage to
clean every plate.  Speaking for myself, that was due to the well sized
portions rather than the 'interesting' food.  Coming in at about 40 quid
(inc wine) a head was a good price for the great atmosphere and the
interesting and well prepared food.

I managed to get a booking with about a week notice, but that seemed to be
with luck on my side so I'll call a little earlier to avoid disappointment.

David Turner <david@xxxxxxx.xxx>

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