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From: Rev Simon Rumble
Subject: Re: [] Steaming Sausages over Beer
Date: 03:25 on 16 Sep 2006
This one time, at band camp, John Costello wrote:

> > Anybody have any experience of steaming sausages? Any tips or tricks?
> No, but I do have some experience with making sauces.  

I believe Weisswurst are traditionally boiled, not steamed.  Served with 
wheat beer:

(In that article, you've gotta love a culture with a concept of a 
 "second breakfast".  Then again, Bavaria has clothing specifically 
 designed to cover up a beer and sausage gut.)

> For the sausages, I'm undecided between puncturing them with a fork so 
> they don't explode (but getting a drained sausage) and risking letting 
> them explode from boiling juices.  One or two punctures might be okay.

Weisswurst most certainly should NOT be punctured.  It'll end up 
waterlogged and ooze all over the place.  They're nothing like as fatty 
as English bangers.

> At a guess, I'd say 10-15 minutes boiling time.  Add a "sacrifice" sausage
> to use for checking.

Wikipedia piece says 10 minutes.

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