[london.food] Lemon glut

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From: Rev Simon Rumble
Subject: [london.food] Lemon glut
Date: 02:35 on 22 Sep 2006
Hi folks.  In case you didn't know, I've moved back to Australia.  
Currently staying at my parents' house and they have something of a 
lemon glut.  There's zillions of the damn things, and the tree isn't 
even that big!

Any suggestions what to do with all these lemons?  They're too big to do 
the Iranian pickled lemon thing, unless I found some very big jars...

Rev Simon Rumble <simon@xxxxxx.xxx>

The Tourist Engineer
Because geeks travel too.

 "The only sensible way to estimate the stability of a Windows
  server is to power it down and try it out as a step ladder."
- Robert Crawford

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