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From: Rev Simon Rumble
Subject: Re: [] Lemon glut
Date: 08:23 on 24 Sep 2006
This one time, at band camp, Bob Walker wrote:

> a large batch of lemon sorbet.

Just found this good recipe for such:

But it requires an ice cream maker.  Bollocks to that!  Put it all in a 
metal dish in the freezer, set your alarm to go off every 15 minutes and 
stir every time the alarm goes off.

I have just frozen a bunch of lemon juice in ice cube trays.  These go 
very well in G&Ts and similar drinks, and it's 32 degrees outside 
already so it's gonna be a farkin hot summer here!

Finally, I made some lemonade.  Very tasty!  Equal parts water, lemon 
juice and white sugar.  Heat the water and stir in the sugar to make a 
sugar syrup.  When the liquid goes clear, you're there.  Cool the syrup 
slowly, then stir in your lemon juice and chill.  Can be adjusted with 
more water/lemon juice depending on the acidity of the lemons and your 

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