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From: Natarajan Krishnaswami
Subject: Re: [] Vegetarian/Vegetable Books
Date: 14:04 on 04 Oct 2006
On Wed, Oct 04, 2006 at 01:00:00PM +0100, Russell Joanne (ST) wrote:
> I'm not talking so much for tofu type recipes as more interesting and
> tasty vegetable main dishes.

I'm fond of pasta, braised rice dishes like pilafs or risotti, etc.
Some of the axes along which to vary these on are: fat (e.g., olive
oil, butter), grain (rice variety, bulgur, millet, quinoa, cous cous,
orzo or other pastas; these have a big impact on texture), as well as
other additions (dairy, vegetables (sauteed, braised, etc.), fungi,
legumes (chickpeas in pilaf, mmm), herbs (mint, basil) and spices
(cumin, coriander, fennel), etc.).

Also, there are plenty of other legumes than soy, and plenty of other
ways to prepare them than curd: spiced, pureed, cold salads, hot
salads, thick soups, thin soups, etc.

> My boyfriend is trying to stick to being a vegetarian but jut having
> boiled broccoli is weakening his resolve.

It'd weaken mine, too!  ;)


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