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From: Jenny Mather
Subject: Re: [] Alternative Potato Mashing
Date: 14:09 on 20 Oct 2006
On 20/10/06, Simon Wistow <> wrote:
> Something I saw on a cookery program yesterday (which was, I think,
> Cooking It - the cooking version of Faking It) to do with mashing
> potatoes.
> The tip was to not boil them and, instead, bake them in their skins till
> soft and then remove the skins and mash the resultant innards. This made
> them more flavoursome (by dint of the baking process and also because
> there was less leaching) and also prevented glueiness. Apparently.
> Anybody tried this?

My mum used to do (and I guess still does) something similar to this...

she would bake the potato, scoop out the inside and mash it and then mix in
other things and then put this all back into the skin and serve it like that
- twas good  :)

The 'other things' was generally what was around - cheese, cheese & onion,
tomato, tomato and cheese. I actually had this quite recently and it just
was mixed with butter (mm french cooking).
I think it would work adding herbs, garlic, nuts basically anything that
compliments the flavour of the rest of the dish

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