[london.food] Roast Chicken Tagliatelle

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From: Simon Wistow
Subject: [london.food] Roast Chicken Tagliatelle
Date: 08:38 on 31 Oct 2006
The butchers had 2 for 1 on small Roast Chickens and Nigella, my doe 
eyed mistress of morning UK TV Food, was seductively rhapsodising about 
this recipe so I had a go.

I roasted one of the Chickens rubbed with mild curry powder (and with a
curry powder and butter mix pushed under the breast skin) and the other 
just rubbed with seasoned sea salt, pepper and olive oil. 

The curry flavoured one I've left to do as lunch/dinner for the next 
couple of days (I have a strong urge to make coronation chicken for some 
reason) and the other one I flaked off (where flake could better be 
described as rough, succulent chunks of chickeny good ness) into a bowl. 
The juices we poured into a saucepan and any crunchy bits left in the 
roasting tin were scraped into the chicken bowl. 

To the saucepan I added some soaked raisins. Nigella also adds toasted 
pine nuts and rosemary but I couldn't get any of those and then 

For a 2.5lb chicken I did about 300-400g of tagliatelle and that seemed 
to be about the right amount. 

When the pasta was cooked I put it in a large bowl, pured over half the 
sauce, mixed lightly, dumped in the chicken, more suace and more mixing.

Some things I might do differently next time - there wasn't much juice
(although the pasta was by no means dry) from the chicken but this may
be solved by a larger, better quality chicken and by the judicious
application of some butter under the skin. 

Also, I might be tempted to deglaze the roasting tin with white wine, 
pour that plus a little bit more wine into the sauce pan and then reduce 
by maybe a third to reduce the sweetness a little (although the 
sweetness may have come from not having any rosemary).

I was a little reticent about the raisins at first - memories of bad 
school chicken curries and all but they worked surprisingly well.

Add a green salad with a nice tart dressing and this'd work well as an 
easy convivial meal for about 4 people (more with a larger chicken). 

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