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From: Chris Heathcote
Subject: Re: [] on food and cooking
Date: 20:45 on 04 Nov 2006

On 11/4/06, Kake L Pugh <kake@xxxxx.xx> wrote:

> > I'm also waiting with baited breath to head whether I got a
> > reservation at El Bulli.... only another month or two of waiting.
> How do you go about doing this?  Is it like a once-a-year thing and
> they let you know if you're lucky, and when for?

Yes, it used to be 14th October, now they just say mid-October - you
email them with your reservation request, and they get back to you
some time end of November ish. They then reconfirm a week before, so
that's why you can sometimes ring if you're in the area and go.

The sign saying reservations are full goes up a day or two after the
start of the reservation period.

I've heard of some people trying for 6 years and not getting in...

(yes, willing to plan a holiday around a meal)

There's stuff above here

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