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From: Adam Auden
Subject: Re: [] on food and cooking
Date: 08:37 on 06 Nov 2006
On 11/5/06, Rev Simon Rumble <> wrote:

> This one time, at band camp, Chris Heathcote wrote:
> > Secondly, the new Heston Blumenthal series, Perfection, has just
> > started on BBC2, and is pretty awesome so far.
> Ooh ooh!  And it's on UKNova.  Joy!

It seems my PVR had a bit of a moment with the DST change (recordings
scheduled before the change for programmes after the change shifted by
an hour - woo) and I am bereft of a UKNova login presently.  Could
some kindly soul see their way fit to sending me the torrent offlist?



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