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From: Kake L Pugh
Subject: Re: [] Seafood Medley
Date: 14:16 on 08 Nov 2006
On Wed 08 Nov 2006, "Russell Joanne (ST)" wrote:
> Anyway, he has thrown down the seafood gauntlet and I have to make some
> kind of seafood pasta dish tonight.  I can do pasta, pre bought, no
> problem.  It's the seafood.  Whats a nice sauce and what pasta shall I use?

I would just do something simple.  Cook a huge pile of garlic in some
olive oil, add the seafood, pour in some cream, and heat it through.
Serve with tagliatelli.

While we're talking about fish - do any of you know anywhere that will
deliver me wild salmon for not too inflated a price?  (Yes, I know
it's going to be expensive, but there's expensive and then there's
taking the piss.)

This question was, of course, prompted by the latest Food Monthly:,,1925040,00.html
and the discovery that Abel & Cole only sell farmed salmon.


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