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From: Kake L Pugh
Subject: Re: [] Seafood Medley
Date: 11:17 on 09 Nov 2006
On Thu 09 Nov 2006, "Russell Joanne (ST)" <Joanne.Russell@xxxxxxxxx.xx.xx> wrote:
> I looked on the waitrose site but just looked under the 'waitrose
> delivery' by postcode area rather than ocado - that tells you what the
> store has.

Ooh.  I hadn't realised there was another way of having Waitrose food
delivered.  I'd sort of assumed that Ocado was the delivery branch of
Waitrose, but it seems it's just a "partner company".

> Ocado does not always have the same stock or special offers as
> Waitrose (although they have explained it to me before I still can't
> see why!)

I think it's because all Ocado orders are fulfilled from a central
depot rather than your local Waitrose.  This is why it's important to
choose the "green van" delivery option (a timeslot when a van will be
in your area anyway).

> Mine says it has wild pacific salmon fillets and fresh organic
> fillets from scotland etc and they are not smoked.

Mine has the wild pacific salmon too!  Thank you!  (The organic fillets
will be farmed though.)

Also, OMG so much fish.  They have oysters!  And mahi mahi!  And scallops!

Bob, can we buy this week's meat and stuff from Waitrose Deliver?


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