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From: Simon Wistow
Subject: [london.food] [RECIPE] Apricot Stuffed Chicken Breast
Date: 09:36 on 22 Nov 2006
Kind of sort of inspired by something I caught on some cooking program 
but with, err, different ingredients (for example the original was 
stuffed with susage and pistachios which I'm eager to try).

I chopped a handful of half-dried apricots roughly and softened them in 
some butter, seasoning and cayenne pepper.

Meanwhile I butterflied some chicken breasts and laid them each on four 
rashers of smoked back bacon which were lying on the non-shiny side of a 
piece of tinfoil. 

I spooned some of the apricot mixture onto each and then rolled them up 
into tubes and twisted the ends of the foil tightly to make a delicious 
meaty cracker type shape.

These I poached in chicken stock for about 6-8 minutes (later I
remembered that the original recipe I saw just poached them in boiling
water) and then took out to cool before leaving them in the fridge for 
30-45 minutes. The nice thing about this is that you can prepare the 
parcels the day in advance and then only finish them on the night.

Once they were cool I fried them in a little olive oil until the bacon
was browned. Meanwhile I'd reduced the stock by, well, a lot (8/10s or
so) and added some cider vinegar for sharpness and some milk to take
away the saltiness. 

Once the chicken was rested I sliced it at an appropriately cheffy angle 
and served it on a salad with the sauce drizzled on top. And some Djion 


The dish was a *leeetle* salty possibly because it was quite poor 
quality bacon and because of the reduced stock.

I think this was the recipe I saw


but the funny thing was, in my mind the stuffing was prunes which is 
what inspired me to do the recipe in the first place because I had 
chicken breasts, bacon and dried apricots. But I can't find any recipe 
like that.

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