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From: Russell Joanne \(ST\)
Subject: [london.food] Asda on line delivery
Date: 13:09 on 27 Nov 2006
Being a bit short of money this week I decided to go the cheap way and
get our home delivery of shopping from Asdas.  I usually go to Tescos
and if I'm feeling a bit flush (or I want delicious organic food) I go
to Waitrose.  I've only been to Asda once but I think it was OK but not

What an absolute farce.  It was truly disastrous.  The 'multibuys' I'd
chosen were mainly not available so they just gave me less and charged
me full price.  The fruit and veg were packed under tins and were
squished and squashed.

But the worst thing?  The substitutes....(packed amongst all other
shopping so I couldn't find them to give them back)

Obviously my order was processed and packed by a half wit.

That's why when there was no 'Asda Tagliatelle' available they swapped
it with ............ Lasagne Sheets.  Yes!  Lasagne sheets.  
No Asda Sparkling Water?  Why don't you replace it with............
Still Water and some Cherryade!
A bombay potato ready meal?  Surely the ideal swap is ............. A
SmartPrice tin of new Potatoes.....and on and on and on and on........

Any savings I thought I'd make will be actually costing me double as we
go out to get what we actually ordered.....

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