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From: Russell Joanne \(ST\)
Subject: RE: [] Asda on line delivery
Date: 09:10 on 29 Nov 2006
I emailed them and they've refunded me about a tenner which is fair
enough - apart from the fact that they wanted every item number of all
squished, squashed or amusingly substituted items and my hands turned
into two jellied amoebas typing them out.

But yes, I can see the funny side now.  Either that or the amount of E
numbers in my system from Asda own brand cherryade pushing me over  the

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From: Rev Simon Rumble [] 
Sent: 28 November 2006 00:43
Subject: Re: [] Asda on line delivery

That's actually pretty amusing, coming from the person who doesn't have 
a bunch of useless crap in his cupboard.  Have you phoned them and 
complained?  You should be entitled to a refund of everything that was 
wrong: the bad substitutions, the squished veg.

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