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From: Simon Batistoni
Subject: Re: [] Things I have learnt whilst cooking roast dinner in America
Date: 09:47 on 19 Dec 2006
Thus spake John Costello:
>> Cauliflower cheese was a bit odd as well because there was no Cheddar 
>> (as we know it) or other suitable crumbly cheese like Wenslydale or 
>> Cheshire. Also, as previously mentioned, no milk. Only cream. Still it 
>> came out ok I just needed far less roux.
> There is, but you have to look for farmhouse or artisan cheddars.  In the 
> SF Bay Area, take BART (their Tube) to Berkeley-Shattuck, get off, have 
> someone point you to University and keep walking past University along 
> Shattuck.  On the left (West) side of the street will be the Cheese Board, 
> where you probably can find Neals Yard cheeses.  Elsewhere in the country, 
> it will just depend.

You don't need to go that far out of your way from San Francisco 
(particularly as the Cheese Board is run by hippies and therefore has 
amusingly random opening times - twice I've tried to go there only to 
find it shut.)

Cowgirl Creamery in the Ferry Marketplace building, Cheese Plus at 
Divisadero & Polk, or Say Cheese in Cole Valley all do excellent 
cheeses; both local artisan varieties, and yes, Neal's Yard imports.

No young raw-milk French cheeses though, because the FDA is fucking stupid.

There's stuff above here

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