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From: Simon Batistoni
Subject: Re: [] Things I have learnt whilst cooking roast dinner in America
Date: 18:08 on 19 Dec 2006
Thus spake Simon Wistow:
> On Tue, Dec 19, 2006 at 09:54:09AM +0000, Simon Batistoni said:
>> Out of interest, where did you buy the variously unsatisfactory vegetables?
> The Famrers Market by the Ferry Building )(which is what i think Jenny 
> was getting at and is also the home for Cowgirl Creamery).
> To be honest part of the problem was me not planning ahead sufficently - 
> certainly the unavailabilty of milk and having to resort to cream was 
> definitely my fault. 

Yeah, the Farmer's Market there is odd. The shops inside the Ferry 
Building are absolutely crap for vegetables (although the Oyster bar 
does good oysters, Prather Ranch meat is awesome, the mushroom store 
rocks and Sur La Table is positively dangerous for people who like shiny 
kitchen equipment).

The market outside has one or two points of interest, but is very 
patchy. Mountain View farmers' market is way better, but is in the 
middle of the Silicon Valley wasteland.

*Ahem*. Anyway. I do believe this is London-food, not SF-Food, so... on 
the subject of markets...

...what the hell happened to Borough Market? I tried going there on 
Saturday and it was just *impossible* to do anything much at all. Just 
lots and lots of doe-eyed idiots milling around taking photos and not 
really buying much of anything.

Others have suggested that it started turning up in tourist guides, and 
has therefore become an "attraction" rather than a useful place to get food.

<sad muppet face>

There's stuff above here

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