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From: Simon Wistow
Subject: Re: [] Things I have learnt whilst cooking roast dinner in America
Date: 06:09 on 19 Dec 2006
On Mon, Dec 18, 2006 at 10:01:00PM -0800, John Costello said:
> Do you know what floury potatoes are called - Russian bananas, French 
> fingerlings, or?  I discovered a potato farm locally that raises a dozen 
> or so different types of potatoes.


> There is, but you have to look for farmhouse or artisan cheddars.  In the 
> SF Bay Area, take BART (their Tube) to Berkeley-Shattuck, get off, have 
> someone point you to University and keep walking past University along 
> Shattuck.  On the left (West) side of the street will be the Cheese Board, 
> where you probably can find Neals Yard cheeses.  Elsewhere in the country, 
> it will just depend.

Ah, cool. Although, I think that the local Whole Foods on 4th street 
(right near the offices) have Neals Yard cheeses. They certainly have 
Colston Bassey which mkaes me indescribably happy.

To be honst the cheese thing was a bad planning on my part but still 
came out rather lovely. There's something gratifying about mopping up 
the last dregs of gravy and cheese sauce with a second helping of roast 


There's stuff above here

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