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From: Rev Simon Rumble
Subject: Re: [] Things I have learnt whilst cooking roast dinner in America
Date: 05:46 on 19 Dec 2006
This one time, at band camp, Simon Wistow wrote:

> I couldn't find floury potatoes so the roast tatties came out a bit, 
> well, not like roast tatties. A little like sauteed potatoes although a 
> smidge softer.

Was just reading about these differences last night in Blumenthal's "In
Search of Perfection" book.  He was talking to an English guy who set up
a traditional English chippie in New York.  He's had to adjust lots of
things to get the chips right.

Not surprised the meat was good.  American beef is really really good.

> The Yorkshire Puds ... well, disaster struck because a small error meant
> I couldn't find any milk, only cream. Even if I had found milk it's very 
> different from english milk. I tried to thin the cream out with 
> sparkling water a la various blini recipes. It didn't work. The puddings 
> didn't rise properly and were greasy. Which sucked. 

How did you find a Yorkshire tray?  We've been hunting for one to give 
to the brother-in-law for Xmas here in Australia.  (Fortunately I 
brought mine from the UK, so I'm alright :)

What's so different about American milk?  They pasteurise and homogenise 
it, don't they?  And the grades are broadly similar: full fat is the 
same, half-and-half = lite, skim = skim?

I'm sure Yorkshiremen would approve of using cream though.  So long as 
you also used lard or dripping.  More fat == more better.

> Cauliflower cheese was a bit odd as well because there was no Cheddar 
> (as we know it) or other suitable crumbly cheese like Wenslydale or 
> Cheshire. Also, as previously mentioned, no milk. Only cream. Still it 
> came out ok I just needed far less roux.

Yes, cheese is orange in America.  Most disconcerting.

Keep persevering with the Yorkshires.  It'll blow the Yanks out of the 
water.  Australians just LURVE them whenever we've introduced them.  
Hence the brother-in-law wanting a tray.

Rev Simon Rumble <>

 "When bankers get together for dinner they discuss art, when artists
  get together for dinner they discuss money."
- Oscar Wilde

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