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From: Nigel Rantor
Subject: Re: [] making stock from leftovers
Date: 15:06 on 30 Dec 2006
Rev Simon Rumble wrote:
> This one time, at band camp, Nigel Rantor wrote:
>> so, I've never made stocks before and I have the bones from a leg of 
>> lamb (the remainder of which is becoming a pot-luck stew as I type) and 
>> I'd like to make a stock from it.
>> Any recipes floating out here?
> No need for recipes if you aren't doing something specific.

Okay, I guess I actually meant 'procedure' rather than 'recipe'.

> Brown the 
> bones in a hot oven for twenty minutes or so.  Stick them in a big pot 
> with some celery, a roughly chopped skin-on onion and a bay leaf.  Cover 
> with water and simmer for a few hours.  Skim off the crap that floats to 
> the top.  Cool as rapidly as possible by filling the sink with water and 
> any ice you have in the fridge, the putting the pot in it and 
> occasionally shaking.

So, once I have had it simmering for a couple of hours and have 
something stock-like should it just be frozen for later use or can it be 
reduced further for easier storage?


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