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From: Chris Heathcote
Subject: Re: [] making stock from leftovers
Date: 09:14 on 30 Dec 2006
On 12/30/06, Kake L Pugh <kake@xxxxx.xx> wrote:
> On Sat 30 Dec 2006, Rev Simon Rumble <> wrote:
> > Cool as rapidly as possible by filling the sink with water and any
> > ice you have in the fridge, the putting the pot in it and
> > occasionally shaking.
> Why do you have to do this?
> Chris's bookmarks recently pointed me at this discussion:
> about the "freeze-thaw" method of clarifying stock - is it something
> to do with that?

No, freeze thaw exploits a normally unwanted side effect of gelatin -
it weeps once it's been frozen. This is a method of clarifying stock,
supposedly better than using egg whites. You add gelatin to the stock
(if neccessary, most meat stocks will already contain enough gelatin),
put it in a bag, freeze it, then thaw through a coffee filter. You
should have an exceptionally clear stock/consomme.

I'd be interested to know what quick cooling does for stock too.


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