[london.food] Gosh, we're nearly four years old.

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From: Kake L Pugh
Subject: [london.food] Gosh, we're nearly four years old.
Date: 15:29 on 03 Jan 2007
On Sun 09 Mar 2003, Simon Wistow <simon@xxxxxxxxxx.xxx> wrote:
> I've set up a mailing list at
> 	london.food@xxxxxxxxxx.xxx
> 	http://thegestalt.org/mailman/listinfo/london.food/
> for the general discussion of food, drink, restaurants and general
> captial based debauchery. [...]  I'd like this to be a place were
> people can discuss failed and successful attempts at creating food,
> favourite recipes, recommendations for restaurants and cookbooks and
> basically swap tips, tricks and occasionally meet up for good
> natured, gourmet debauchery.

We never did get around to the last part.  How about we try and do it
for the list's fourth birthday?  Conveniently, March 9th is a Friday
this year.  Would people be up for this?  What would be a good venue?


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