[london.food] New Year's Resolution.....

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From: Hugh Macdonald
Subject: [london.food] New Year's Resolution.....
Date: 00:31 on 04 Jan 2007
I've been lurking for far too long. It can't be healthy.....
I've also been eating pretty crappily for far too long. That's
probably less healthy.

My new year's resolution (well, okay... one of them) is to eat better.
No more ready made pastas or pizzas (there's no way I'm dropping the
Covent Garden Soups, though.... they're too good, at least until I can
make my own that measure up)

As a part of my new-found determinism (determinity? Whatever the word
is, I'm determined), I thought I'd finally try to get involved in the

And if you're wondering where I came from, well, I used to work with
Simon (Wistow). 'Nuff said.

I'm just learning this whole 'cooking' thing. Be nice!

Hugh Macdonald

Band, Festival and Film Stills Photography
(Website currently down for 'maintanance')

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