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From: Jakob Whitfield
Subject: Re: [] New Year's Resolution.....
Date: 22:24 on 06 Jan 2007
St. Heston recommends adding star to bolognese sauce; he says that in
conjunction with the onion it acts as a flavour enhancher for the
meat. I didn't see the 'In search of perfection' episode where he made
it, but the Graun column he did on it some time ago is here:,,913271,00.html

I was planning to try this recipe this weekend, but my local (really
big) sainsburys didn't have any star anise, so I will have to see if I
can find some tomorrow.

PS I received my copy of 'The Oxford Companion to Food (2nd ed.)'
today; it looks pleasingly comprehensive and should complement my copy
of McGee. My only complaint is that the design and layout seems to
have been changed from the 1st edition, and doesn't look as pretty.

There's stuff above here

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