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From: sprofita
Subject: Re: [] New Year's Resolution.....
Date: 09:54 on 06 Jan 2007
> > I'd not heard of the "stick a star anise in your tomato sauce" idea until 
> > just before Christmas (and haven't had made a tomato since...) - I hear 
> > it works rather well. What does it add to the flavour (apart from 
> > aniseedyness, which I would have thought wouldn't work that well)?

I've been eating my (Sicilan) Mum's tomato sauce since I was a nipper. She's 
totally old skool (doesn't even speak English) and she always

- cooks the sauce for ages. I mean ages. At least 2 hours.
- chucks in a couple of pork chops (then discards them). We're not talking 
hand massaged gloucester old spot's here. A couple of rubbishy chops from 
supermarket are fine for this.
- frequently does not use onion (for a more purist approach)

Oh, I mentioned adding star anise to her. The Doctor said she should regain 
consciousness by the end of the weekend.


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