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From: salvo
Subject: Re: [] New Year's Resolution.....
Date: 20:10 on 07 Jan 2007

>> - chucks in a couple of pork chops (then discards them). We're not 
>> talking
>> hand massaged gloucester old spot's here. A couple of rubbishy chops from
>> supermarket are fine for this.
> Why discard them?  Do they become inedible after that much simmering?
> (I don't know very much about meat yet, though I am learning more.)

To be honest they're probably OK to eat. I think it's because by that time 
all the goodness has gone into the sauce, plus she uses budget packs of 
chops of dubious provenance. She sometimes puts in some pork shoulder or 
something that will stew well, in which case she leaves that in.

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