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From: Kake L Pugh
Subject: Re: [] New Year's Resolution.....
Date: 16:34 on 07 Jan 2007
On Sat 06 Jan 2007, sprofita@xxxxxxxx.xx.xx wrote:
> I've been eating my (Sicilan) Mum's tomato sauce since I was a nipper. She's 
> totally old skool (doesn't even speak English) and she always
> - cooks the sauce for ages. I mean ages. At least 2 hours.

Yes - tomato sauces seem to work best when cooked for either 5 minutes
or 2 hours.  I like this long-cooked one very much:

(You can halve the oil, but do try it with the full quantity of wine
before cutting it down.)

> - chucks in a couple of pork chops (then discards them). We're not talking 
> hand massaged gloucester old spot's here. A couple of rubbishy chops from 
> supermarket are fine for this.

Why discard them?  Do they become inedible after that much simmering?
(I don't know very much about meat yet, though I am learning more.)


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