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From: Jakob Whitfield
Subject: Re: [] Gosh, we're nearly four years old.
Date: 21:42 on 08 Jan 2007
I think a meetup would be a fantastic idea, and I'd vote for a
pot-luck event, to see all the tasty things we london.fooders can

On a possibly similar note:

One of the things I was pond'ring doing this year was organising a
food geek (or should that be geek food?) day of some kind. This would
involve getting in some LN2, or maybe some dry ice if I can't get
that. I already have a blowtorch...

Would people be interested in something like this, and if so:

-What other supplies and equipment  would be fun to have? (Infra-red
-What should I cook? St. Heston (peace be upon him) will no doubt have
some crazy ideas that can be tried...


There's stuff above here

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