Re: [] Gosh, we're nearly four years old.

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From: Rev Simon Rumble
Subject: Re: [] Gosh, we're nearly four years old.
Date: 22:58 on 08 Jan 2007
This one time, at band camp, Simon Wistow wrote:

> Sydney (Mr Rumble, I'm looking at you. I hear Bill's is rather good).

Never heard of 'im.  Tetsuya's is supposed to be incredible.  However 
the thing about Oz is that the standard level of food is very very high.  
The variety of Asian food is immense.  Oh and we have the best beef in 
the world, according to St Heston.  It's certainly farkin' cheap and 
always pretty good.

Email privately for availability of the hotel, conveniently located 
under the flight path.

Rev Simon Rumble <>

"If Jesus saves, why is he always asking for money?"

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