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From: Kake L Pugh
Subject: Re: [] restaurant recommendations required
Date: 14:29 on 22 Jan 2007
On Mon 22 Jan 2007, Martin Frost <> wrote:
> One option is a decent Chinese restaurant (I don't think anyone objects to
> Chinese). What are people's favourites of the Chinatown offerings? The
> New World is good at lunchtime, but not as special in the evenings in my
> experience, though still not bad.

The New World now do dim sum in the evenings too, if that makes any
difference (though without the trollies).  The portions are a little
smaller than I remember the lunchtime ones as being (hence more suited
to, say, two people sharing), and the menu is also smaller - about 14
dishes, including pork and prawns in beancurd skin, grilled pork
dumplings, rice and pork steamed in lotus leaf, har gao, and prawn or
vegetable cheung fun.  So people who've not had dim sum before might
enjoy that.

I remember Golden Harvest on Lisle Street was good for vegetarians,
but I've not been there for years and don't even know if it's still there.


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